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Check 21 Incoming and Return Item Cash Letter Processing

C21Express is a one-of-a-kind product designed to bring the benefits of Check 21 to credit unions and banks not needing the complexity of image statement processing.

Complete Check21 capabilities include:

  • Incoming Image Cash Letters
  • Return Item Image Cash Letters
  • Image Archive and Research
  • Return & Endorsement History
  • SQL Server Database

Designed for institutions that do not require extensive statement processing and archive functions, C21Express is a simple, easy-to-use solution which processes incoming image cash letters and allows institutions to create return item image cash letters. Using a combination of database technologies and file formats, C21Express can be scaled to meet the needs of nearly any financial institution. When combined with ProofPC32 over-the-counter item processing and ProofPC32 Remote Capture, C21Express provides a completely electronic item processing solution that includes branch capture and merchant/customer capture. With low-cost check scanners, institutions can create a competitive advantage by participating in the new environment created by Check 21. And reducing transportation costs can result in significant financial and competitive benefits to financial institutions.

  • Eliminate courier and Transportation Costs
  • Quicker funds availability
  • Be more competitive
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