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Track It with PADtrax

People, Assets, and Document Tracking

PADtrax RFID tracking systems make use of leading RFID technology to quickly and affordably tag and track your most valuable assets.

Most organizations own valuable assets which they frequently inventory. Whether it’s the inventory of a wine cellar or collection of artifacts, PADtrax is your state-of-the-art asset management tool to:

  • Find missing items quickly.
  • Conduct efficient audits in a fraction of the time.
  • Streamline check in and check out.

PADtrax solutions are written and developed in-house by our own experts, allowing us the flexibility to customize them to your organization’s needs.

PADtrax awarded the first and only patent for RFID Evidence Tracking!


Increase in Real-Time Analytics of Asset Movement


Reduction in Time to Locate Misplaced Items


Reduction in Inventory Effort and Duration

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