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Improve customer service and increase efficiency.

ImageChex32 is the answer to check imaging, automated statement preparation and electronic return item cash letters for financial institutions of all sizes. See for yourself how check imaging can assist your financial institution in improving customer service and increasing your operational efficiency.

Designed, developed, and tested by a team of experienced bankers, ImageChex32 offers the most practical, easy-to-use methods for automating the backroom operation of financial institutions. Here are some of the features that make this product unique:

  • Statements can be delivered electronically via e-mail with encrypted, password-protected PDF files as well as CD-ROM in custom and HTML formats.
  • ImageChex32 provides for the daily reconcilement of images with posted items from the core banking application.
  • Images can be imported from multiple sources, reducing sorter volumes by up to 75%. Reduced volumes result in lower maintenance costs, reduced personnel requirements and expenses, and more economical disaster recovery configurations.
  • Special features have been added for outsourcing environments. Edits ensure that the integrity of the database is preserved when receiving images from outside sources, and priority account statement printing allows banks to meet customer demands even when receipt of images is delayed.
  • Electronic Return Items Cash Letters can be generated from images capture locally or imported from external sources such as the Federal Reserve Bank. Electronic Return Item Cash Letters allows banks to eliminate required couriers and reduce the per item fees charged for return items.

ImageChex32 was designed by bankers for bankers. You’ll find a simple and easy to use system which avoids technology jargon and complex procedures.

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