C&A Announces Patent Pending For PADtrax™

December 1, 2014

RFID products help Law Enforcement Agencies track and account for evidence.

Denham Springs, LA, December 1, 2014 — C&A Associates, Inc. (“C&A”), today, announced patent approval for their new product PADtrax, an RFID solution designed to track evidence for law enforcement agencies.

The PADtrax solution consists of software, hardware, RFID sensors, and handheld devices used to track and monitor evidence chain-of-custody while secured with the agency. Bill Moss, founder and President of C&A Associates, says: “We were interested in creating something that surpasses the limitation of bar codes for tracking and inventory purposes. What we found was an urgent need for a solution in law enforcement, firefighting, and even first responders in disasters,” he notes.

While the product line offers specific solutions to several critical markets, the law enforcement application is the first of many solutions to be rolled out. “Law enforcement has a very unique requirement,” says company spokesman and subject matter expert, Bill Landry, himself a retired police chief and active member of the Association of Chiefs of Police. “This is especially true of evidence, from keeping an accurate chain of custody, locating evidence quickly, and even transferring it. A missing piece of evidence can make the difference between a solved case and an unsolved one.” Landry explains.

The PADtrax law enforcement solution is currently being used in several locations in the Southeast, including Baker Police Department and Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Department. Matthew Moss, Vice President and director of RFID services, comments: “Since the initial install in 2012, we have had a huge success in the updates of not only the software but also the hardware. By working with our clients, we have increased the efficiency of the software and were able to decrease the amount of RFID antennas, allowing us to install less hardware. This keeps the cost of hardware and installation to a minimum without sacrificing the usability of the PADtrax System,” Moss explains.

“C&A has been diligent to develop a unique evidence accountability system for our department. The system allows us to be more efficient, with less time spent locating specific evidence. The PADtrax system is easy to operate, and surpasses bar-coding on a daily basis,” says Assistant Chief Randall Dunaway of Baker Police Department.

The PADtrax line of products is sold by C&A, as well as an elite group of qualified distributors throughout the U.S. The company will be exhibiting at various state, regional and national shows in 2015.

With the successful rollout of the PADtrax System, RFID giant ALIEN Technologies has embraced the C&A system and will be placing it at their demonstration centers in Dayton, Ohio and overseas in China.

About C&A Associates, Inc.
C&A offers a wide range of products and services to financial institutions law enforcement and other industries. Their products include PADtrax, ImageChex32 Check Imaging, Archive and Statement Preparation (including electronic delivery), ProofPC32 Proof-of-Deposit, Remote Capture and Check 21 Image Cash Letters, and C21Express image cash letter and return item processing, check scanners and high-speed sorters, midrange, server and PC computer systems, and more.

The company maintains an experienced software development staff to keep software offerings up-to-date. The innovative solutions they provide allows clients to utilize the latest technology to increase operational efficiency and take advantage of evolving technologies in the industries the company serves.

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