Magner CoinStream CDS 906

Magner CoinStream CDS 906

User-friendly Features

Simple Two Button Operation and
Easy to Read Prompting Display

Automatic Coin Feed
Safely feeds coin, providing a more sanitary environment while reducing the chance of user injury.

Alloy Count Sensor Technology
Accurately counts all six U.S. denominations and automatically rejects foreign coins and slugs back to user.

Noise-reducing materials throughout.

Optimum Speed
Allowing proper time to cross sell products and services.

Teller-friendly Features

Pull-Out Shelf
Easy teller access to the entire counting and sorting mechanism.

Internal Keyboard
Gives tellers instant access for bag status, end-of-day reports and transaction history.

Simple Receipt Roll Replacement

Continuous Cleaning Mechanisms
Remove sand and other small objects during counting process; Patented automatic debris ejection system removes non-coin debris to trash receptacle.

Bag Management Section
Direct access to all bags through secure doors; coins feed directly into bags at floor level, minimizing lifting which allows for easy bag removal.

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